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Our youth need education in advancement ethics

When marshall Pandora bracelets uk discount mcluhan's innovative work in mass communication theory catapulted him into the spotlight more than 30 years ago, the internet and social media were faint blips on the world's scientific radar screen.

What many people do not know is that the late university of toronto professor and roman catholic convert also called the electronic media as"A substantial unholy imposter"And additionally"A blatant current expression of the anti christ,

Did apple and research in motion officers, when Pandora charm uk sale they released their unique iphones and blackberrys several decades later, have similar thoughts or a glimpse around the pandora's box that their own brave new gadgets might unleash?

The internet and these wonderful digital devices that have helped connect and educate millions around the world.They have highlight and hastened the collapse of repressive regimes and accelerated humanitarian disaster relief efforts.

And they have discovered, sad to say, also enabled the darker side of human instinct.The spreading of pornographic images via the internet, telephone"Sexting"And scientific"Whizz mob and rob"Phenomena point out mcluhan's insight that as we shape our tools, our tools of course shape us.

This is no less true when placed on the crudely fashioned sticks and stones our ancestors crafted to carve letters and images into sand, wood and limestone or to the ubiquitous 21st Discount pandora rings century communication devices that readily broadcast our every word and deed for mass consumption on any number of popular social networking sites.

Recent evidence of humanity's baser instincts is already sweeping london, the uk, and playing out also known as"Splash, garbage and loot"Opponents.Using rim's blackberry and the secure cover of its messenger function as their tools du jour, some british youths are working out amok.Organizing their firm into lethal terror units, they be like the anarchic"Droogs"In the advanced anthony burgess novel a clockwork orange, smashing that and anyone in their ruinous path.

The recent vancouver riots also teach us how technology, such as popular social media sites like facebook, can also expose those individuals that post their latest exploits for all to see, your police.Some formative youths have also promoted, nearby, new street fights on facebook.Is more than caused by disaffected working class youth, battered by lack of employment and economic despair.Cyber bullying by youth is also a growing and troubling trend that cuts across cultural, racial and commercial lines.

What is lacking in the technology rich societies is a coherent strategy designed to educate youth in the ethical and responsible use of the digital modern technology.

Many of today's youth are technologically savvy and deeply immersed in wildly popular websites like facebook and twitter.But additionally, and for a number of reasons, many are also missing out on possibilities to critically examine and assess the value, impact and potential solutions for good that the new digital tools offer.

The astonishing pace of technological change continues to far outstrip our ability to handle the collateral human fallout.Most school directors and teachers are already overwhelmed with ministry initiatives, affordable budgets, the proposed curricula, and instant daily needs of their students.And the reality is that many parents find it impossible to keep pace with the deluge of internet and computer based technologies that land Pandora bracelets sale uk on the shelves of electronics stores every week, let alone monitor the media habits of their kids.

Many school districts and pre service education programs and instructors also lack the expertise and equipment required to adequately prepare future teachers on technology integration and its ethical and friendly use.

Sadly regardless that, the new scientific knowledge is demonized.The london riots get to be the"Phones riots"And social networks becomes, unfairly, associated with cyber bullying and teen suicide.

Unless there is a concerted effort by all insightful stakeholders ministry officials, colleges of education, school board officers, trustees, website, teachers and parents to instruct youth in the ethical and responsible use of internet and computer related technologies they continues to drift aimlessly upon the whimsical and sometimes perilous currents of technological change.

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